Discussion with ACHE Regent, Tim Johnsen!

Tim Johnsen, the Oklahoma ACHE Regent for the Sooner Healthcare Executives, and INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center President, spoke to the OU MHA Program about ACHE, how to support clinicians as administrators, Lean Six Sigma and other strategies INTEGRIS uses to achieve patient safety and quality outcomes, and how earning Magnet status contributes to the health system’s nursing culture of excellence and transparency.

A few points of advice Tim shared includes: •seek to understand before being understood, •over communicate to reach the ways people want to learn, but communicate within reason, •use Lean to remove waste when implementing change, •ensure you join and hire cultural fits, •supporting physician wellness is critical, •take care of your staff, •proactively accept more responsibilities to learn more about various areas in healthcare to secure your role as a leader.

Thank you for taking time to join us, Tim!

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